Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Save Big on Everyday Items!

Good Afternoon Friends!

Today I would like to tell you about one of the MANY stores I discovered in the FHTM Rewards Mall
First let me start off by telling you a little about the Rewards mall. From large chain stores to small online companies, there are over 900 stores available to shop at thru the Rewards Mall. It is designed to help you stretch your hard earned dollars, just a little further. When looking thru the rewards mall, you will see a percentage in the right hand column, that percentage represents the amount the mall will give back to you on each purchase from that particular store. The percentages range from 1% to 20%. You can monitor your rewards, points value translate into dollar value. Once you reach 20 points, they issue you a free "Load as you go" style Mastercard. This can be used however you want.

So, being the deal shopper that I am, I love it when I find ways to make good deals, even better! The store I recently discovered thru the mall is called the Overstock Drugstore. They offer fantastic discounts on over the counter drugstore items, as well as all Health & Beauty items. I recently visited their store, and simply typed in all of the usual items we use in our daily lives, to my delight, they had all of our favorite brands & products. When you purchase $50 thru their website, the shipping is free. They also do a comparison to Walgreens on the prices, the discounts range from 5% to 50%. Personally, I compared the items I purchased with Walmart's prices, and I saved us 20% this week! And on top of that I earned 5% rewards on my purchase.

So if you are interested in saving a little cash on your everyday items, check this store out! Visit the FHTM Rewards Mall HERE Register, its free! Then click on the Health & Beauty category, and about midway thru the 2nd page you will find Overstock Drugstore! Happy Shopping!

For fellow representatives - Remember, you do not receive customer points for purchases made thru the Rewards Mall, you do however earn a small commission. And I think it is important to take advantage of all the benefits & rewards that FHTM offers. The way the commission works for the mall is this - the same percentage that the customer gets towards points, also becomes the commission. So for example, with Overstock Drugstore, the benefits are 5%, 5% in Rewards benefits = 5% in commission. Half of the 5% goes to BSP, this is the partner company that runs and operates the mall, 60% of the remaining half is your commission, the remaining 40% goes to FHTM. This may seem small at first, but as you build your business these small numbers will add up fast.

If you have questions about becoming an FHTM Representative, our contact email is

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