Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Back in the Groove of Things

Good Morning Friends!

Sadly, we have been somewhat neglecting our Fortune business in the recent weeks. Life has gotten hectic and a bit disheveled as it often does this time of year. So amidst and regardless of our busy schedules, it is time to refocus!

The great thing about this business, once you get it rolling, if you need to take a few weeks off from actively pursuing it, it will maintain itself. Now, are we to the point where it will do that? No. But, on the other hand a few weeks off will not undo what we have done to this point. The success of this business all depends on the work that is put into it. If you are in need of a small supplemental income, than small and consistent amounts of time into it will get you where you need to be. The more time that is invested, the more your business will grow. Pretty basic principles, but they require persistence and commitment to the time you are willing to invest.

Our goal right now, is to actively pursue our Fortune business daily. Whether it is promoting the various products and services offered by Fortune, or pursuing new recruits into the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing business. When you get right down to it, a daily commitment is really not asking a lot of yourself. It may take 10 minutes of your day, maybe an hour. The question you have to ask yourself is - "What is the potential that this business can bring into your life worth to you?"

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